We supply insulator for transmission lines, distribution lines and substations, also insulators for electrified railways.

Plastic HDPE insulators

Plastic insulator

Plastic HDPE insulators include 15kv, 25kv, 35kv pin types, assembled with plastic nylon spindle, provide more higher electrical performance, low weight and recydable.
Plastic head line post insulators with big HDPE or nylon head injected on silicone rubber body, has both advantage of insulated smooth head and high strengh.

Composite insulator

Body and sheath are made by HTV silicone rubber, pass 5000h aging test, the core is made by ECR extrudedfiber glass core, provide high strength.

Composite insulator

Types: Composite suspension and tension insulators: 10kV-800kV
Polymeric deadend insulators: 15kV, 25kV, 35kV
Polymer pin type insulators: tie top and clamp top pin and line post insulator
Composite post insulators: station post for substation and electric equipment
Composite crossarm insulators, bushings, stay insualtors and other types

Porcelain insulator

Porcelain insulator

Porcelain insulators with color brown, grey and white, has good performance on electrical and strength, low cost, can be shaped into any types.

Types: Porcelain pin insulator: ANSI type and IEC type, 11kV, 33kV, 15kV, 25kV, 35kV
Porcelain line post insulator: tie top and clamp top, capped and uncapped
Porcelain post and bushing insulators: station post and hollow bushings insulators
Porcelain spool insulators, shackle insulator, guy strain, LV and MV stay, coach screw
Porcelain support insulators, transformer bushings, busbar and other types.

Electrified railway insulator

Composite railway insulators can decrease flashover when fog and rain weather, our insulators was used on 350km/h high speed railway systems.
Catenary used railway insulators has post type and suspension types, locomotive insulators are used on trains.

Electrified railway insulator


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