• How to design? Change the porcelain insulator into polymer insulators? 2020-04-22

    Description: The current transmission line uses porcelain insulators, if want to change into composite insulators, then how to design the composite insulator? Traditional transmission or distribution lines use porcelain insulator or glass insulator, when repair, some power grid prefer to change into composite insulators, especially in polluted area, since the composite insulators have more advantage […]

  • How to judge insulator quality only by checking its appearance? 2020-04-22

    Description: Though the main insulator quality can only by inspected by testing, however, when you don’t have facility, and still want to know how to know quality by appearance, how? The main use of an insulator is support the electric wire and insulated the wire from tower. Therefore the main performance of an insulator should […]

  • What is the use of insulators in transmission line? 2020-04-22

    Description: We are familiar with cables and electric wires, but seldom people know insulators, we see every day, but can’t recognize them. What is transmission line? Transmission line is used to transmit electric energy from power plant to the users. To make it simple, a transmission line mainly composes electric wires or cables, electric towers, […]

  • How to calculate creepage distance of an insulator? 2020-04-22

    Description: two pictures let you know how to calculate the insulator creepage distance and what should be pay attention to? What is wrong with the insulator suppliers now? I send many enquiries, but no one reply me, why? Creepage distance: The creepage distance of an insulator is the most important parameter, which decide the electrical […]

  • How can I send a “right” insulator enquiry to suppliers? 2020-04-22

    Description: What is wrong with the insulator suppliers now? I send many enquiries, but no one reply me, why? What is wrong with the insulator suppliers now? I send many enquiries, but no one reply me, why? Answer 1: no enough parameters. We receive many enquires, and some of them only has a description of […]

  • China Environmental Protection 2020-04-22

    Description: If you buy products from China, you may be influenced by the environment policy, price increases, late delivery, factories close? Then how to do business? The smog days in northern China account for the majority of the year, especially in winter. The smog is very harmful to people and causes great inconvenience to life. […]

  • What is pin type insulator? 2020-04-22

    Description: Find full description of pin type insulator here! 1.Pin type insulator definition: 1.Rigid mounting 2.Assembly with a separable pin Pin insulators are tie top type, and the head should be smooth with top groove and neck groove for assemble with cables or wires. To avoid radio influence, the pin insulators normally apply semi-conductor glaze […]