• Preformed fittings 2020-04-22

    Introducton for suspension clamp: Armor Rods are intended to protect against bending,compression, abrasion, arc-over whilst also being capable of providing a repair function. The degree of protection needed on a specific line depends upon a number of factors such as line design, temperature, tension, exposure to wind flow and vibration history on a similar construction […]

  • Suspension Clamp 2020-04-22

    Introducton for suspension clamp: Suspension clamp is used for the connection of conductors, ground wire to insulator strings or hanging to the tower.The suspension clamp can be produce by different materials. Such as keeper and socket-clevis are malleable iron,the closed-pine is stainless steel work. The other parts are steel. All ferrous parts are hot-dip galvanize. […]

  • Tension Clamp 2020-04-21

    Introducton for tension clamp: Tension clamp can be called strain clamp or dead-end clamp, which was used to fix the wire and withstand the tension of the wire for transmission line. Tension clamp as a main type fitting which hang the wire to the tension string or the tower. The function of the tension clamp: […]

  • Vibration Damper 2020-04-21

    Structure of vibration damper: 1. Damper weights 2.Messenger wire or messenger cable 3.Clamp 4.Bolt Introducton for stockbridge vibration damper: The “Stockbridge” type vibration damper as a main type overhead line fittings which is commonly used to control vibration of overhead conductors and OPGW. The vibration damper has a length of steel messenger cable. Two metallic […]

  • Composite Tension strain Insulator 2020-04-20

    Brief introduction for composite tension strain insulator: Composite tension strain insulator is a new type strain insulator, which made by composite materials. We can also call this type insulator as plastic guy strain insulator. For traditional porcelain guy strain insulators, their creepage distance is small, it couldn’t do much creepage distance. But for composite material […]

  • Polymeric HDPE Insulator 2020-04-17

    What is polymeric pin insulator? HDPE insulators also named polymeric HDPE insulators or High-Density-Polyethelene insulators which were made from a qualified resistive high density polyethelene which are being used in recent years along with its some advantages on environment protection, and easy way to hand and install by man. It is low weight and save […]

  • Porcelain Disc Insulator 2020-04-16

    What is porcelain disc insulator? Porcelain disc insulator also named porcelain suspension insulator, disc suspension insulator, ceramic disc insulator, cermic suspension insulator. This type insulator is a very commonly used insulator. Beause it can be assembled with many much quantity, it is suitable for all voltage class from 11kV to 1000kV. From the cement fittings, […]

  • Porcelain Line Post Insulator 2020-04-15

    What is porcelain pin insulator? Porcelain line post insulators also can be called ceramic line post insulators. This type insulators is a main type porcelain insulators. Which is widely used for transmission line and distribution line up to 132kV. Porcelain line post insulator assembled with a short stud or long stud. The stud one side […]

  • Porcelain Pin Insulator 2020-04-15

    What is porcelain pin insulator? Porcelain Pin insulator also called pin type insulator, ceramic pin insulators. Pin type insulators were used for distribution line, normally up to 33kV. Porcelain pin insulators used with steel spindle, and spindle installed on wooden cross arm or steel cross arm. And conductor combined on insulators top groove or side […]

  • Porcelain Spool Insulator 2020-04-14

    What is porcelain stay insulator? Porcelain spool insulator also named porcelain reel insulator and also can be called ceramic spool insulator or ceramic reel insulator. This type of insulators is low voltage insulators and can be used up to 400V distribution line. Normally reel insulators fixed on wooden pole and used to intersection angle for […]