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Description: If you buy products from China, you may be influenced by the environment policy, price increases, late delivery, factories close? Then how to do business?

The smog days in northern China account for the majority of the year, especially in winter. The smog is very harmful to people and causes great inconvenience to life. Therefore, the Chinese government has introduced an environmental policy since 2016. Many factories have been suffered a lot.

Due to the early bad monitoring of environmental protection policies of the Chinese government, the lower rank managers were blindly implemented. Many companies have been called to stop, rectify or even close.

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Due to the suspension of production of many polluting enterprises, the market supply is insufficient and the prices of raw materials are rising.

For insulator manufacturers, the production of silicone rubber and metal fittings involves pollution control, which has led to price increases and even out of stock. Many companies which export insulators have lost a lot of customers due to price increases and late delivery, so they have had a difficult year in 2017.

In 2018, the government changed its strategy and adjusted its policy. No more enterprises were shut down. Instead, enterprises could start work again after passing the rectification. When they encountered major polluted weather, the company rotated for several days to ensure that it did not affect the normal sales of the company and reduced the smog days.

While managing corporate pollution, many other measures have also been introduced, such as car restrictions. Through two years of hard work, the number of days of smog in China has gradually decreased, and the people have regained more blue skies.

China’s manufacturing industry is still the most developed in the world. Buyers in various countries need not worry. Although some enterprises are closed, these closed enterprises are basically small enterprises, and the quality is worrying. In the future, buyers will be more assured about the quality.

As a Chinese insulator manufacturer, we are proud that we can do right to the environment protection. Our production equipment has increased environmental protection measures, quality increased. Price also stable, since some small factories closed with cheap price and bad quality, this enable us more competitive in the insulator industry. China is becoming better, so to choose Chinese factories are still wise choice of the buyers.

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