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Composite Tension strain Insulator

composite tension strain insulator drawing
composite tension strain insulator fitting
composite tension strain insulator

Brief introduction for composite tension strain insulator:

Composite tension strain insulator is a new type strain insulator, which made by composite materials. We can also call this type insulator as plastic guy strain insulator. For traditional porcelain guy strain insulators, their creepage distance is small, it couldn’t do much creepage distance. But for composite material strain insulator, it can be made larger creepage distance and meet high class voltage requirement.

For this type guy strain insulator, the production method is injection. Because the strain insulator includes two linke metal rings, the tension strength is very high. And since the rings linked each other, so when the insulator broke, the steel rings also linked, so the wire wouldn’t broken. But if porcelain strain insulators broken, the wires will be broken. So this type composite material tension strain insulator will be more safe than porcelain guy strain insulators.

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