How can I send a “right” insulator enquiry to suppliers?

Description: What is wrong with the insulator suppliers now? I send many enquiries, but no one reply me, why?

What is wrong with the insulator suppliers now? I send many enquiries, but no one reply me, why?

Answer 1: no enough parameters.

We receive many enquires, and some of them only has a description of the type of product, such as “can you send me quotation of 33kv porcelain insulators?” this is too general, for example, if you want to buy a TV, you can’t just say I want to buy a TV? You should give detail requirements.

Then what is necessary parameters for an insulator?

  1. 1. Type of insulator: such as suspension or pin type or post type or others
  2. 2. Creepage distance: use in normal or polluted area need different creepage distance
  3. 3. Mechanical strength: decide how to design the product

Other necessary parameters based on detail type of insulators:

  1. 1. Post type insulators: then type of end fittings are necessary, how to connect to other equipment?
  2. 2. Post type insulators: height is also important.
  3. 3. Line post insulators: it is tie top type, or vertical clamp type, or horizontal clamp type. If need stud, long stud or short stud? Better with dimensions.

If you can provide the insulator code which comply with international standard, then the above is not necessary. Such as you can let the supplier knows that you need ANSI 55-3 or ANSI 57-2.

Quantity: which is very important!

With detailed quantity, the supplier can decide whether to use current mold, or can design an economical type of insulator, especially for tenders, if quantity is big, normally we will design and open mold to achieve competitive price.

With detailed quantity, the supplier can calculate exact shipping costs.

Why the supplier don’t reply an enquiry?

  1. 1. They receive many enquires every day, and will decide which ones are important, and reply, and if there is not enough parameter, they will think the client is not professional, or there is not a detail project, or the client is also asked by their clients, there will be more companies in the whole chain.
  2. 2. Not enough contact details.

If the enquiry don’t include your company name, contact details, or more information about company, the supplier will think you are not powerful, or company is too small or maybe some enemy who wants to get their cost.

Therefore, for an enquiry, a professional requirement about the insulators, quantities, price mold, such as FOB or CIF, and with enough company details is a good way to get feedback when you send an enquiry.

Good luck with your enquiries!

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