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What is polymeric pin insulator?

HDPE insulators also named polymeric HDPE insulators or High-Density-Polyethelene insulators which were made from a qualified resistive high density polyethelene which are being used in recent years along with its some advantages on environment protection, and easy way to hand and install by man. It is low weight and save costs on transportation. And it is filled with putty to enlarge the puncture ability.

HDPE insulator should be injected with the HDPE material combined with some additives, to provide the ability of anti-UV and anti-aging. The injection machine should be capable enough to inject since the insulators are thick than normal products which need to be injected.

Orient HDPE insulator advantages:

  1. • High quality materials
  2. • All insualtors do X-ray routine test
  3. • No void
  4. • lower prices
  5. • Good package suitable for sea transportationor inland transportation

How we can do for HDPE insulator:

Standards: ANSI standard C29.5 and IEC standard

Voltage class: 15kV, 25kV, 35kV

Neck type: C-neck, F-neck, customers’ diameters

Orient HDPE insulator types:

15kV HDPE insulator ANSI55-3
15kV HDPE insulator ANSI55-4
25kV HDPE insulator ANSI55-5
35kV HDPE insulator ANSI55-6
Voltage class15kV15kV15kV25kV25kV35kV35kV
ANSI type No.ANSI55-3ANSI55-4ANSI55-4ANSI55-5ANSI55-5ANSI55-6ANSI55-6
Shed D(mm)144139140190190190170
Leakage distance(mm)250320370390370530600
Dry arcing distance(mm)140170160180200250260
Cantilever strength(kN)13.313.313.313.313.313.313.3
Power frequency dry flashover voltage(kV)6575758787105110
Power frequency wet flashover voltage(kV)42454552527075
Critical impulse flashover voltage Pos.102110110135135160160
Critical impulse flashover voltage Neg.125130130150165220225
Low frequency puncture voltage(kV)160170170180200200200
Test voltage to Ground(kV)10101010101010
Max. RIV 1000kHz(µV)505050100100100100


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