Porcelain Bushing Insulator

assembly bushings
porcelain bushing insulators

Assembly bushing insulator including:

• Upper porcelain insualtor

• External connecting terminal

• Conducting rod

• Internal connecting terminal

• Lower porcelain insulator

Brief introduction for bushing insulator:

Transformer bushing insulator is a type of porcelain or ebonite post insulator put on the top or side of the transformer tank through which connections are made to the external circuit.

And bushing can be used for indoor and outdoor. The bushings used for transformers having voltages above 33kv are either oil filled or capacitor type.The oil filled bushing consists of a hollow two part porcelain cylinder with a conductor. The space between the conductor and the inner suface of porcelain insulator is filled oil.

Bushing Insulator Types:

Class IN, 250A-3150A: DT250, DT630, DT1000, DT2000, DT3150

Class 10N-30N, 250A: DT10Ni250, DT10Nf250, DT20Ni250, DT20Nf250, DT30Ni250, DT30Nf250

Class 10N-30N, 630A: DT10Ni630, DT10Nf630, DT20Ni630, DT20Nf630, DT30Ni630, DT30Nf630

Class 10N-30N, 1000-3150A: 10Nf1000, 10Nf3150, 20Nf1000, 20Nf3150, 30Nf1000, 30Nf3150

Our standard for assembly bushing insulator is DIN42530, DIN42539, DIN42531, DIN42532, DIN 42533

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