Porcelain Post Insulator

porcelain station post insulators

What is porcelain post insulator?

Porcelain post insulator also named station post insulator or ceramic post insulator. Station Post Insulators are used for a variety of applications including supports for bus bar, fuse mounting, switch parts and other electrical devices.

We can produce station post insulators by two motheds idiostatic and wet-process. Idiostatic use for high voltage class. Most types porcelain insulators just like porcelain disc insulators, pin insulators, line post insulators etc, all thest types insulator made by wet-process.

Station post insulators have ANSI standard and IEC standard. And for the color, normally using of brown color and grey color.

IEC standard and ANSI standard types:

ANSI C29.9 Station Post Insulators:
TR-202, TR-205, TR-208, TR-210, TR-214, TR-216, TR-286, TR-287, TR-288, TR-289, TR-291, TR-304, TR-312, TR-362, TR-369, TR391.

IEC 60273 Station Post Insulators :
C4-125, C4-150, C4-170, C4-200, C4-250, C6-325, C6-450, C6-550, C6-650, C8-750, C10-950, C10-1050, C12.5-1550, C10-1675C C10-1800, C10-2100, C10-2550

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