Porcelain Spool Insulator

porcelain reel insulator
ANSI standard spool insulator
spool insulator with D-bracket

What is porcelain stay insulator?

Porcelain spool insulator also named porcelain reel insulator and also can be called ceramic spool insulator or ceramic reel insulator. This type of insulators is low voltage insulators and can be used up to 400V distribution line. Normally reel insulators fixed on wooden pole and used to intersection angle for wire. Porcelain spool insulator is also widely used type porcelain insulators. This type insulator looks like porcelain shackle insulators.

Orient Group as a insulator factory, we can supply ANSI standard reel insulators and can produce brown color, grey color and white color.

Porcelain reel insulator types:

spool insulator drawing
Type No.Height
Wet flashover voltage
Dry flashover voltage
ANSI 53-1544417.58.98/1020
ANSI 53-2764517.513.312/1525
ANSI 53-3814517.517.812/1525
ANSI 53-4767317.52015/2525
ANSI 53-51057317.52718/2535

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