Porcelain Stay Insulator

brown porcelain stay insulator
blue color stay insulator
porcelain stay insulator with steel wire

What is porcelain stay insulator?

Porcelain stay insulator also called ceramic stay insulator, porcelain guy stain insulator or ceramic guy strain insulator. Which is a main type insulator and used for transmission line or distribution line. The porcelain stay insulator has two transverse holes or slots which use for assembling streel wire. Normally this type guy strain insulator voltage up to 33kV. The color can be brown, gray, white or blue.

For producing this type porcelain insulators, different country has different standards. Normally there are IEC standard, ANSI standard, AS standard and BS standard.

Normal used types:

ANSI standards 54 series stay insulator: ANSI 54-1, ANSI 54-2, ANSI 54-3, and ANSI 54-4 according to ANSI C29.4
GY series strain insulator: GY1, GY2, GY3, and GY4 according to AS standard
Other special requirement according to the customers

Porcelain guy strain insulator types:

porcelain stay insulator drawing
Type No.Height
Wet flashover voltage
Dry flashover voltage
ANSI 54-1896416441225
ANSI 54-21087322531530
ANSI 54-31408625891835
ANSI 54-41718925892340

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