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Vibration Damper

stockbridge damper
stockbridge damper drawing

Structure of vibration damper:

1. Damper weights

2.Messenger wire or messenger cable



Introducton for stockbridge vibration damper:

The “Stockbridge” type vibration damper as a main type overhead line fittings which is commonly used to control vibration of overhead conductors and OPGW. The vibration damper has a length of steel messenger cable. Two metallic weights are attached to the ends of the messenger cable. The centre clamp, which is attached to the messenger cable, is used to install the vibration damper onto the overhead conductor.

On tensioned overhead conductors, wind flow leads to high-frequency vibrations, with amplitudes in the magnitude of one conductor diameter.
This is caused by vortex shedding, which excites the conductor into Aeolian vibrations at right angles to the wind direction.
These vibrations will lead to internal conductor fatigue stress at suspension and tension fittings, applying compression and bending loads at conductor support points.

For the conductor, including tension and support fitting protection, suitable vibration dampers offer a level of protection that reduce stresses within the system to safe perating levels, protecting from long term fatigue failures during the operational life of the network.

Type number of vibration dampers:

vibration damper
Type No.Conductor Dia.
Length of Clamp
Messenger Dia.

Orient can also produce according to clients’ requirement.

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